PRESS: Limitless® Coffee Goes National

Posted on 16.06.2017 by Josh Ward

LIMITLESS® Coffee and Tea is Now Available For Distribution Wherever Cold Brew is Sold in the Continental U.S.

CHICAGO, IL. – Limitless® Coffee and Tea, the creator of the clean coffee category, announced today that the brand is available for sale nationwide. Launched in early 2016, Limitless® Coffee and Tea had been primarily sold in the Chicagoland area, focusing primarily on their office kegerator business. In Spring, 2017, the company expanded into the greater Midwest and Southern California markets. Now, Limitless® Coffee and Tea is reaching coast to coast, starting with its soft launch in select Targets and Natural Grocers, among other retailers.

The story of Limitless® Coffee and Tea starts in 2015: acclaimed entrepreneur, Matt Matros, set out on a yoga retreat after selling his shares in his successful healthy regional chain restaurant, Protein Bar. While in Bali, he explored a coffee farm where he saw the dirty state in which coffee was produced. He, then, sought to create something completely new within the coffee industry, borrowing from the disciplines of clean-living and business practices, Matros focused on using clean, simple ingredients. The result was an entirely unique coffee beverage – the first of its kind. In 2016, Matros and his partners, Chris Fanucchi and Craig Alexander, brought Limitless® Coffee and Tea to market.

Limitless® Coffee and Tea is a smooth, refreshing cold brew and matcha green tea beverage company in pursuit of the lowest toxin-count in its category. With four cold brew flavors and three matcha green tea flavors, the products are all 11 grams of sugar or less; two products (Original Cold Brew Coffee, Unsweetened Matcha Green Tea) are sugar and calorie free. Their clear and straightforward ingredient list makes it the perfect choice for people who need a guilt-free energy boost.

“It’s exciting to see consumers get more interested in what they are consuming. We are creating a whole new category in the coffee industry,” says Josh Ward, Marketing Manager. “If consumers knew there was a cleaner option within the second most consumed beverage in the world, we think it’d be worth offering.” Limitless® Coffee and Tea focuses on exclusively sourcing wet washed beans that have been air roasted and brewed using reverse osmosis water - giving consumers one of the cleanest coffee on the market*.

By 2017, sales of Limitless® Coffee and Tea really started to crank – “we saw an amazingly positive reception in the Midwest and West Coast.” Chris Fannuchi, cofounder and Director of Sales, said, “We’ve had people requesting for our brand in California, New York and Illinois – we’re even getting requests internationally. It’s very exciting.”

“The growth of the category that we’ve pioneered has been incredible,” adds Matros. “Within the last year, we’ve seen a lot of growth -  this national expansion is a game changer.

Limitless® Coffee and Tea is available in  Natural Grocers and soon to be in select Chicagoland Targets featuring all four cold brew flavors – Original, Vanilla, Mocha and Salted Caramel – as well as their three matcha green tea flavors - Unsweetened, Sweetened and Sweet Mint**.

*in pursuit **Variety and availability subject to change
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